So would Ardyn Izunia Content DLC Final Fantasy XV Next

Although thrusting stunning graphics and gameplay, Final Fantasy XV left a gap that has not been patched in terms of story. Most gamers argue, there are still many mysteries that still can be extracted from the story of Final Fantasy XV, apart from using other media, namely the film.

Familiar with 'gaping loophole' is, Square Enix attempted to patch it through additional content in the form of DLC (downloadable content). After DLC Gladiolus and two guards loyal Noctis (stages), now Square Enix plans to release DLC Ardyn Izunia, the antagonist in the game.

This information was conveyed by Director Hajime Tabata on the sidelines of the launch of Gladiolus content. From what is described Tabata, it appears he wants to explore more in the background of Ardyn, as quoted from Attack of the Fanboy.

As is known, Ardyn figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the game shortly after Noctis and his friends got Galdin Quay. To Noctis he introduced himself as an advisor of the kingdom of Niflheim.

At the end of the story, it is known that has a relationship with the royal Ardyn Noctis and is told that before he was a hero, before he eventually chose the wrong path.

However, the figure Ardyn still a mystery. How the story in the past, why he held a grudge extreme with Noctis and his kingdom. This is to be conveyed via DLC.

Unfortunately, Tabata did not talk much about Ardyn as DLC. Therefore, for those who are curious may be able to wait much longer.

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