The more Accurate, Google Translate Supported Artificial Intelligence

Google Translate
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Google Translate function is certainly more mumpuni after Google immerse artificial intelligence technology on the online translation service.

Technology called Neural Machine Translation (NMT) was first introduced in November last year. Now, the technology has been present for Google Translate Indonesian version and can be enjoyed by users in the country.

The presence of NMT technology in Google Translate for the Indonesian language can not be separated from research that has been done by Google. The Internet giant found five user preferences in Indonesia when using online translators such as easy to use, fast, work between devices, have audio playback feature to know how to pronunciation, and grammar.

"Therefore, Google Translate for the Indonesian language is now also equipped with NMT technology.With this technology, the translation can approach a human translator," said MacDuff Hughes, Engineering Director Google Translate when talking with media crews via video conference in Jakarta.

It is possible because Google Translate no longer translates a sentence in words per word. By utilizing the neural system, the translator system can understand a whole sentence, including interpreting it according to grammar and gender.

"That way, translated translation is now better and natural," he continued. Currently, NMT technology can be used to translate English into Indonesia, and vice versa.

In addition to Indonesia, this technology has been pinned on 40 other languages, such as Korea, Japan, Mandarin, France, Germany, Spain, and Russia. But for now, this technology is still intended to translate from English to other languages that already support, and vice versa.

This update can already be used in Google Translate, which is available through Android and iOS apps, including desktop versions, and automatic translator features in Google Chrome

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