This Form First Computer Made Apple Steve Jobs

A prototype of the first computer made by Steve Jobs, the Apple-1, shown in a computer museum Seattle, Living Computers: Museum + Labs. Rare super computer is considered a treasure of the collection of the legacy of Apple.

Director Ekesekutif Museum Lath Carlson said, the first prototype of Apple's computer is the most important device in history.

Citing reports Geek Wire, was on display on the second floor of the museum. In this exhibition, the devices curated legacy curator Aaron Alcorn and his team.

In addition to the Apple-1, the exhibition was also displayed a wide range of Apple products that had used the user, such as the Apple II, the Apple IIe, IIc Apple, the Apple III, Lisa and Macintosh computers as well as Bondi Blue iMac.

Just to note, as well as other important prototype Apple, the Apple-1 had nearly thrown away, after Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985 without clearing office.

Prototype Apple-1 eventually rescued by a man named Don Hutmacer who want to take the computer to wear.

Well, after Hutmacer died last year, the family found the old computer in the garage Hutmacer. Furthermore, the family decided to give the Apple-1 computer to exhibit Living Computers.

Citing reports Cult of Mac, Apple-1 is regarded as a viable prototype rescued by Living Computers. The exhibition is actually focused on Apple computer revolution produced during 1976 and 1999. Those who come to this museum can also try out other interesting machines are also manufactured by Apple.

This museum has a wide range of such a legacy computer, either from the computer mainframe and personal computers.

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