TravelMate, Robot Suitcase that Can Move Alone

(Image: Daily Express)

Luggage is one of the things that must be taken when traveling far aboard a plane out of town or abroad. For some people, pushing or pulling the suitcase since getting out of the car, at the airport, to the destination, is considered a 'heavy' job.

But thanks to technological advances, this will feel much more 'light'. A startup works on a 'robot suitcase' that can be controlled through a smartphone.

In fact, the startup is already conducting campaign funds in Indigogo every Wednesday pocketing US $ 275,762. This figure is 1637 percent beyond the set target.

So what makes a suitcase called TravelMate interesting and different from other conventional suitcases? First, TravelMate is completely autonomous. That is, this suitcase is able to follow the owner wherever he goes.

In fact, even in the crowd though, this suitcase is still able to recognize the owner without installing any additional peripherals. In addition, Follow Me feature in this suitcase is an innovation that utilizes the sensor to detect various obstacles in front of it whether it's objects or people.

Furthermore, TravelMate can move either vertically or horizontally. When moving horizontally, the user can store something on it to carry. The use of omni wheel also allows the suitcase to move in various directions, which can not be done regular luggage.

The battery of this suitcase is claimed to last for four hours if enabled in full autonomos mode and a hundred hours in standby. Users can also charge almost any type of electronic device through a USB port available in the suitcase.

For those who like to travel to the United States, this suitcase has already tampered with the rules of TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Not to forget, GPS has also been included in this suitcase. About price, TravelMate priced start US $ 399 for size S.