Troubled Suspected battery, iPhone 7 Explodes in China

Battery overheating for some time so frightening for smartphone owners. After a battery explosion case Galaxy Note 7 some time ago, now an iPhone 7 reportedly exploded in China

Phone Arena reportedly citing the iPhone 7 Matte Black was having a blast while it is charging in a house in Suqian City, East China. 7 iPhone owners are women named Yin.

"My phone battery runs out, I put it down while charging on the bedside table. When I returned, I heard an explosion. Then I realized the sound was coming from my cell phone," said Yin.

He then brings the mobile phone to an Apple Store nearby homes to be examined further. Based on the information the Apple Store that handles repairs, mobile screens blackened tends to indicate the explosion came from inside the device.

Various problems in the battery charge condition can be aggravated by the charger or charging cable, especially the iPhone 7 exploded while being charged.

Fortunately, no one was hurt because of this incident. Up to now, has not been known whether Apple interested in replacing the devices exploded or not. Known iPhone 7 32GB version priced at Yin belonging to US $ 781.

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