Twitter Supports Security Two Steps, Here's How

Twitter has just released two-factor authentication model (2FA) account security support with third-party applications. Previously, 2FA mode on Twitter could only be used using a single-use security code sent via SMS. But with support for third-party applications, users can use 2FA applications from Google Authenticator or Authy.

By turning on this 2FA, your account can be made safer and more difficult for hackers to penetrate. The reason is that the security
Hacker  difficulty entering because it must have a special code that is sent directly to the user's handheld device.

If you want to enable it, as summarized from The Next Web, follow the following guidelines.

1. Install the 2FA application. If you're an Android user, try Google Authenticator through this link or Authy via this link. Next make an account using your smartphone.

2. Sign in to Twitter via desktop browser. Select Settings and Privacy, then check the option "Verify login request".

3. To turn on the "Verify login request" feature, you need to include a phone number that can receive SMS. If you have listed it, after checking the feature you will be asked to enter a secret code that is sent to the registered number.

4. Enter the secret code and next you will return to the menu screen. Go to the Account menu and view the Security field. Right below the "Verify login request" feature there is a button marked "Setup a code generator app".

5. Select the "Setup a code generator app" button so that a QR code appears on the screen. Next, turn on Google Authenticator or Authy apps that have been installed earlier and use to scan QR code.

6. After scanning the QR code, the 2FA application you are using will display a six-digit secret code. Enter the code into the "Security Code" field and click Done, both on Twitter and in the 2FA application.

7. I use the Google Authenticator app to try out this feature. If you're using a similar 2FA app, you'll find a six-digit code labeled Twitter (account name) in it. The six digits are the secret code needed to log into your Twitter account and every minute will be randomly changed.

After completing all these stages, you can breathe a sigh of relief because your Twitter account is safer and protected from hacker attacks. The interesting thing about this security is, the secret code can still be accessed even if you are offline.   

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