Uber Flying Car Ready to Roll In 2020

Image: Gizmodo

Uber's plan to bring air travel services is getting closer to reality. It was confirmed after Uber announced it would conduct public trials in 2020.

Quoted from Business Insider, Uber has teamed up with Dallas-Forth Worth and Dubai as a partner for the launch. The debut of this flying car will coincide with the 2020 World Fair title in Dubai.

According to Uber, the vision of the project named Uber Elevate is to build a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle network, enabling air services to be accessed directly.

In addition, the service is mentioned can offer cheaper cost as well as a traffic density solution of the street. The reason, the air vehicle does not require a travel route, so that the travel path can be adjusted.

"Just like a skyscraper that allows cities to use limited land efficiently, urban air transport can also reduce road congestion," Uber said in a statement.

The idea of a flying car has been echoed Uber since last year. The startup company is planning to bring flying cars that can fly and land vertically on the runway of a multi-story building.

The Bloomberg report, even mentioning Uber has hooked up a NASA veteran to join in developing a flying car. NASA's named Mark Moore veteran has officially joined Uber around early February 2017.