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Computer components attached to a personal computer (PC) is the main thing that can be said as the lives of the computers we have. The absence of one among the components of the computer, you are not right just then the computer can not be operate properly, but also sometimes can not play though. To be able to take care of your computer are always in good condition, you should know the "familiar" with the computer components together benefits.

Computer components are hardware or hardware that has a function as a complementary tool computers, these computers can be used properly in accordance with its function. One such component is, VGA card, Lan Card, Pricessor, PSU and others - others.

Components Computer

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The first component that we need to know that the motherboard or motherboard. The motherboard is the hardware or hardware component most important of all the other components; The other is where the main component is attached, such as a hard disk, processor, memory, as well as others. Processor is the side of the computer components that serve as the engine of the brain.  

There is also a so-called RAM charge component of the program momentarily put the data being moved. Video card and sound card so the computer components in charge of changing the processed shape of the graph inside the monitor and remove the music through the speakers.

There are still other computer components such as the hard disk as a medium enabled to store the data, the optical disc drive as a CD player, as well as the power supply as a source of electricity supplies.

Casing contributed to a protection and placed where most of the components of the computer. Not to live also monitor, keyboard, and mouse as other computer components. Everything components - components that have been discussed above are the most important set of components that need to exist in order to move the system to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and provide output in the form of display on the monitor of your monitor.

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