Unloading Moto phone sighting Z 2 Leaked on the Internet?

With the release of modular Moto Z smartphone last year, Lenovo began to introduce a line of premium through brand Moto phones.

At the same time, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers also introduced a modular phone technology on the brand Moto, Moto accessories namely with Mods.

Moto Z 2
Along with the success of Moto Z, the company seems to be back again with the next generation Z motto this year. As quoted from Ubergizmo, the smartphone is now strongly suspected as the motto of the second generation Z was leaked on the internet.

The leaked photo was obtained from the Twitter account @Slashleaks. If seen design, phones suspected Moto This second generation Z has a very thin body, reportedly even thinner than its predecessor.

When seen the face of the smartphone, there are some differences. For example, a fingerprint scanner button that originally a small box-shaped oval is now finished. In addition, the front flash light which was originally spherical, now a somewhat oval. More design of the front is still the same as the Moto Z.

Then, one thing that indicates that the smartphone is leaked Moto second generation Z is the presence of a metal pin 16 on the back of the phone. The metal pin 16 mentioned are modular in Moto Z key so that the phone can be linked to Moto Mods without bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi.

Other differences are also significant is the presence of a dual camera on the back of the smartphone. Although the shape of the design remains the same camera, the smartphone which allegedly is the second generation Z Moto, Moto presents the settings of multiple cameras camera.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty whether the cell phone pictures circulate it really Moto Z2 or not. Lenovo and Moto also not confirm the veracity of leaked images of it.

Just to note, last year Moto Z comes reinforced with Snapdragon chipset 820. Could this time immersing Snapdragon chipset Moto Moto 835 for second generation Z?

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