Unloading Security Expert Security Gaps on Wi-Fi iOS and Android

Security experts who work for Google Project Zero, Gal Beniamini, recently find serious security hole that can affect Wi-Fi chipset on iOS and Android devices.

As quoted from BGR, Beniamini describes an interesting fact related how a cyber criminal can attack users of devices using a Wi-Fi network only through a abritrary code.

After stringing some evidence, Beniamini successfully demonstrated the ways in which an attacker to take over the victim device. "The acquisition device via a Wi-Fi network did not require interaction, but only by a factor distance (proximity)," said Beniamini.
Getting to the report, Apple did not waste time to patch this vulnerability with iOS updates 10.3.1 earlier this week.

In the latest iOS updates, Apple announced the impact of the update.

"Impact: An attacker could close range master abritrary code on a Wi-Fi chip. Description: It has been addressed through increased input validation."

On the other hand, Google is likely aware of the security hole, but until now has not issued the latest security patches for Android devices.

As reported by Ars Technica, "the update is only available on a particular device. In fact, it can take two weeks or more until the update over-the-air is available."

Up to now, there are no reports from both iOS and Android devices what has been hacked, but users should update the OS smartphone as soon as possible. It is estimated the impact of the vulnerability of these Wi-Fi in all models of the iPhone, a number of Nexus, and most models of Samsung Galaxy.

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