US Intends to Arrest Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

The United States authorities are taking steps to arrest and convict Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, according to CNN.

As quoted from BGR, during the last few years, Assange reportedly accommodated by the Ecuador embassy in London.

Julian Assange
However, it did not stop the activity Assange and Wikileaks leaked confidential information obtained from a number of sources. Recently Wikileaks leaked equipment used by the CIA to hack important emails.

Assange name itself is the figure behind Wikileaks. The existence of a known Wikileaks site often leaked various confidential information belonging to various parties is considered controversial. Moreover, recently Wikileaks accused of being a proxy used by the Russian Intelligence Agency to influence the US Presidential Election.

Despite being hounded by the US government, its supporters assume Assange's actions are protected by the First US Amendment.

US Attorney Jeff Sessions said, "The US view of Wikileaks and Assange began to change after investigators found evidence that Wikileaks had an active role in helping Edward Snowden reveal secret documents."

Sessions also expressed surprise at the amount of serious information leaked through the Wikileaks page. "So this (Assange's capture) is a priority, we have made a plan we need to do, we will imprison some people," Sessions said.

Assange lawyer Barry Pollack said he had not heard the news. He actually considers Wikileaks activity similar to that done by sites and other publication agencies.  

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