Various Incidents So Strong Proof Apple Completes Headset AR

The news of Apple's plans to work on augmented reality (AR) devices has been heard since the beginning of this year. But there is no official information from the Cupertino-based company.

Latest, a number of incidents that occurred at the Apple facility was actually reinforce the news. Quoted from the Phone Arena, a number of accidents that occurred at the company's facilities mentioned closely related to the development of AR devices.

The first incident occurred on February 21, 2017. Reports called Apple employees complained about the discomfort in their eyes after testing anonymous prototype products.
The employee was immediately taken to the ophthalmologist and the prototype products were immediately taken for review. A similar case also happened on March 2, 2017.

Other employees reported complaining of eye pain after using the latest prototype. According to the employee, the pain he suffered was due to the use of the prototype product.

For information, the use of lasers in AR devices is plausible. One possibility, the laser is used to track the movement of the user's eyes.

Through that information, the device can predict the user's eyesight. Thus, the user can operate the device simply by looking at it.
Nevertheless, it can not be ascertained the truth of this information, given there is no official statement from Apple. But it is also possible that Apple is testing the AR device internally before releasing it to the public.

Earlier reports also said Apple had deployed more than a thousand engineers to work on something related to AR in Israel. It was expressed by UBS analyst Steven Milunovich last month.

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