Violating Patents Huawei, Samsung Fined US $ 11.6 million

A Chinese court ordered a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in the country to pay a fine of US $ 11.6 million for patent infringement cases. It was the first victory against Samsung related cases Huawei intellectual property law.

Reported by Reuters Quanzhou Intermediary Court ordered three of Samsung's business units to pay penalties to Huawei Device Co. Limited, as the owner of the patent. Huawei Device Co. Limited is a Huawei handset business unit.

This is the first decision of a number of lawsuits filed by Huawei to Samsung. Huawei first sued Samsung in the courts in May 2016 in China and the United States (US), related to smartphone patents.

Regarding this case, Huawei sued Samsung Chines Investmen Co Limited in Quanzhou court, along with business units in Huizhou and Tianjin, as well as two Chinese electronics company for making and selling more than 20 types of smartphones and tablets Samsung, which claimed to have violated the patent.  

The court ordered the company's fifth stop infringing copyright Huawei and asked three of Samsung's business units to pay compensation.