Watch The Power Healer Elf King Estes, New Hero Mobile Legends!

Moonton this month re-display the new Hero Mobile Legends at an affordable price. The hero named Estes king elf!

These mid-April 2017, Moonton introduces a new hero Mobile Legends of type support. Lore of Mobile Legends regained with the presence of new characters to the Moon Elf race others called the Estes.

For the origin of this new hero Mobile Legends, we are told that the Moon Elves have a residence in the area west of Moonlake, rather they stay in a legendary forest named Emerald Woodland. That's where the Elf first generation of living.

Elf King Estes

Each king of the Moon Elf would be born of a magical tree called the Tree of Life that grows in the middle of Emerald Woodland. The position of the king carried by a Moon Elf with a unique power called Estes. Previously he was seriously injured when following the second world war and ended up having to sleep in Emerald Woodland in quite a long time.

In the absence of the king, the Moon Elves will increasingly upset and worried their survival. Moreover, when the flames of war between humans and orcs began to heat up, until eventually undermine peace Emerald Woodland. When that happens, a young Elf named Miya Moon, valiantly led the other Elf forces to protect their birthplace.

On the other hand, the forces of darkness started to thirst will trust their dark cults. The troops began to develop into a big secret. One of their flagship hero, Alice sang Blood Queen, succeeded in seducing many Moon Elf to side with the forces of darkness.

Again experienced great shock, to finally raise the ire of the king. One night, the lightning flashing all over, Estes awakened! He is the king of the firm but full of wisdom and have the ability to "moonlight" sacred. All Moon Elf very obedient to him.

After Estes managed to get up, with power and also the "Code of Moonlight" he is able to protect and support the other Elf Moon. The aim is to protect the native land of the enemies who dare to seize and ruin it.

If seen from the history of his life, a new hero Mobile Legends is still something to do with the iconic hero, Miya. However Estes is a support hero who has a lot of ability to regenerate, not marksman like Miya. This clearly gives us the knowledge that the Moon Elf race is not only good at archery, but also has the ability healing magic.

In terms of appearance, Estes wear special armor green with gold trimmings. Patron also equipped with plush robes style patterned foliage. As the king of the elves, Estes also wearing a gold crown. Iris not visible and he had long white hair like most other Moon Elf. The main characteristic of the other is Moon Elf also have long ears.

Estes brings magical book containing spells magic "moonlight." According to his race, Estes able to manipulate the ability of months to heal themselves or attack their opponents. Although a supporter hero, Estes was also outfitted with offensive capabilities.    

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