WhatsApp Message Wrong Can Be Withdrawn?

Some users of WhatsApp may have experienced mis-delivery, either sending a message instead to the contact in question or wanting to rethink the words ejected. So far message WhatsApp can not be withdrawn when it is sent. But these limitations may change in the near future.

In the latest beta release of the app (version 2.17.150), WhatsApp is reportedly testing the "unsend" feature aka ability to retrieve messages that have been sent.
The information summarized from The Independent, states that WhatsApp implements a five-minute window for "unsend" messages.
Users can retrieve sent messages before the five-minute period expires. However, if it is too late, the message will still be sent. There are two choices of message retrieval done, ie "edit" or re-edit sent messages and "revoke" alias pull back the message as a whole.

Previously, earlier this year, WhatsApp was also mentioned would add a message withdrawal feature. The message withdrawal feature is predicted to be officially rolled into WhatsApp app after Apple channeled its latest iOS update this year.
In addition, WhatsApp also allegedly was preparing another feature called "change number" to allow users to notify friends when changing the phone number.