Wikipedia Founder Launches Wikitribune to Fight Hoax

Founder Wikipedia
Image: The Times

In an effort to combat hoaxes (false news) and distrust of the mass media, Jimmy Wales's Wikipedia cofounder launched Wikitribune, a community-based news portal.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time, I've developed ideas and other things, but this has always been a delayed project," Wales said.

Wikitribune can be called a mix of traditional news portals and Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Professional journalists will work with community volunteers to write and edit news content in the service. "They work side by side," Wales continued.

Currently Wikitribune is running a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to raise money to hire and pay for journalists. They hope to be able to employ 10 journalists for the initial phase and increase the number as quickly as possible.

Wales insists the Wikitribune will focus on a hoax that becomes viral and high-impact. "You can not beat them (hoaxes) in your own game, you have to do something different and interesting."

As advisor, Wales hooks Guy Kawasaki (author, speaker, and entrepreneur), Jeff Jarvis (professor, speaker, journalist, critic), and Lily Cole (model, actress, and entrepreneur).

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