3.4 Billion Smartphones Ready to Adopt M-Payment

 A total of 3.4 billion smartphones are ready to support the mobile payment or m-payment platform, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, this year. Thus according to IHS Markit prediction as quoted from Telecom Asia.

In its report, about 11 percent of the total active smartphone in the world will support Apple Pay, 61 percent Android Pay, and 3 percent Samsung Pay. By 2021, as many as 5.3 billion smartphones predicted already support m-payment.

For your information, Apple Pay is now available in 15 countries in the world, while Samsung Pay in 14 countries, and new Android Pay is in 10 countries.

"If you want the number (smartphone that supports m-payment) to increase, Apple, Samsung, and Android should extend mobile payment services and partner with banks and financial institutions," said IKS Markit Mobile and Telecoms Analyst, Ruomeng Wang.

Wang said to encourage the adoption of platfotm mobile payment means to boost online penetration. According to IHS Markit data, currently 38 payment platforms and 2 million small and medium business actors (SMEs) have supported Apple Pay on the website.

Compared to Apple and Google, Samsung is arguably not the same level as both the application platform or the browser is designed to keep the attachment with consumers.If you want to encourage the adoption of Samsung Pay, Samsung should partner with many online retailers," Wang explained. 

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