4 Laptop Usage Errors You Need to Know

Laptops become one of the staples that are used all circles, ranging from students to office employees. Because, almost all the current work is very dependent with the use of these gadgets. The practical shape and affordable price make a lot of people have it.

Although already familiar with the laptop, in fact there are still many people who often make mistakes in using it. Such errors result in decreased performance of the laptop. If left, the laptop would be quickly damaged.

Want to know what mistakes are often made when using a laptop, refer to reviews for you so you do not repeat this error again:

Make Laptops Above Our Feet

Laptop laptops are one of the most common mistakes. Usually, someone deliberately hold laptops on the thigh with the aim of facilitating the work because there is no table or chair. Unfortunately, it has a negative impact. Because the air hole at the bottom of the laptop will be covered. This makes the laptop temperature increased dramatically aka overheat, which makes it more quickly damaged.

Placing Laptops On Soft Surfaces

In addition to laping, you also should not put the laptop on a soft surface such as carpet, mattress, sofa, or pillow. Things with soft surfaces that will withstand the heat of the laptop. If left, over time it will cause overheat. Instead, provide a rigid board bottom or hardback book under the laptop before it is placed on the mattress.

Removing The Laptop Battery When Used

Some people think charging a laptop while in use will make the battery performance decrease. Therefore, they will remove the battery and rely on direct electricity to turn on the laptop. In fact, the way is clearly misguided.

Megecas battery when the laptop is used it will degrade performance. Therefore, the hot temperatures due to charging and usage will increase. But, do not also let go of laptop beta. It will actually make the laptop more quickly damaged. Instead, do the charging when the laptop is not used. If you run out of battery in an emergency, connect the charger directly to the utility power outlet and reduce your laptop's usage.

Turning The Laptop On Hot Spot

The temperature of hot air turned out to affect the performance of electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. Instead, do not turn on the laptop in a hot place because it will make its performance decline. If you're on the go, put your laptop in a special bag to keep the temperature steady.

That's some fatal mistakes that make laptops quickly damaged. Laptop damage will certainly make the job feel difficult is not it? Well, from now on be careful in using the laptop. Do not let you repeat the mistake.

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