Action 22 Years This Man Successfully Overcome Ransomware WannaCry

WannaCry's Ransomware that has stirred up the world over the weekend has reportedly been overcome. Is a 22-year-old man from England claimed to successfully do it.

Quoted from Business Insider, the man who introduced himself as MalwareTech is also had time to express the action through the account @ malwaretechblog with assisted Darien Huss from Proofpoint security company.

The man who worked for Kryptos Logic, the US security company, said how to overcome the WannaCry ransomware is to register the domain used to spread it.

"I found some malware connected to a specific domain, but not registered," he said. By registering, the domain became alive and the spread of malware was stopped.

The price of one domain is US $ 10.69. Once the solution is known, immediately there are thousands of connections that instantly register every second.

MalwareTech itself calls the reasons daring to buy these domains. He tells the company where he works to track botnets, so domain registration of this kind can provide an idea to know how botnet spread.

MalwareTech also chose to keep its identity. According to him, it makes no sense to disclose his personal information at this time, especially he is now working against criminals who clearly do not like the action.

Not only that, he also plans to collect a number of IP and send it to law enforcement so that they can tell the victim who has been infected. In particular, victims who do not know that they are the target of the malware.

Despite his success, he says such attacks have not been completed yet. The attacker will know how to stop the action and create a new code to perform a similar attack.

"Therefore, always activate Windows update, after which update and reboot," he said. For information, WannaCry attacks have reportedly infected 99 countries including Indonesia.  

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