Alipay hit the Uncle Sam State Market

Alipay, a one-stop portal service offering cashless payment solutions, has finally announced business expansion to the United States (US).

According to Mashable, the largest payment platform in the Bamboo Curtain country will certainly enter the US market in the near future.

The entry of Alipay to the US can not be separated from the company's agreement with First Data online payment platform. Later, Alipay will be available as an alternative payment option in 4 million First Data client accounts.

Although available in the US, Alipay not dismissed wanting to grab the network of users from China who live in the Land of Uncle Sam. "Our goal is to expand the network to more than 4 million Chinese people living in the US," US President Alipay Souheil Badran said in a statement.

Today, the re-branding company Ant Finance Services Group already provides payments for more than 450 million active users in China and beyond.

Alipay can be used to pay online transportation transactions, hotels, buy movie tickets, pay bills, pay for medical services, and buy financial products and manage them.

Ant Financial is expanding its wings out of China with various partnerships, for example with local partners in India, Southeast Asia and South Korea to bring digital payments and innovative financial services to local users.

Latest, Ant Finance's payment platform will start operating in Indonesia through the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) social platform which is now managed by Emtek. Noted, BBM currently has 63 million users in the country.

BBM has also transformed from a messaging app into a platform that provides a variety of services to facilitate its users.

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