Allowed Use iPhone, Donald Trump Only Access Twitter

Allowed Use iPhone, Donald Trump Only Access Twitter
US President Donald Trump may use the iPhone, unlike Barack Obama, who during his term is not allowed. But the iPhone used by Trump can only have one application in it, that is Twitter.

Reported by Softpedia, information about the use of iPhone and Twitter application is disclosed by sources from the White House.  

Twitter is rated as Trump's favorite service to exist in cyberspace with his opinions on various things.

The iPhone Trump used is very different from most people. Given its position as president, Trump's devices have gone through a series of security measures to prevent threats, which can expose important data.

Regardless of his 'feud' with Apple over the construction of the iPhone factory in the US, Trump has been caught using the smartphone several times.  

In addition, a number of Twitter chirp also posted on the Apple phone. Trump is also reported to have owned a Samsung smartphone, before finally stop using it for security reasons.

In addition to Trump, Obama previously also reportedly wanted to use the iPhone while serving as US President. But he did not get permission. 

Instead, it may use the iPad with permission from the National Security Agency (NSA), with a series of security implementations therein.