Android Go, Google Solutions for High Performance Cheap Smartphones

Android Go
One of the Google missions delivered in I / O 2017 is the desire to reach at least two billion more Android users.

This concept they call "The Next Billion Users", which target more Android users in a number of developing countries including Indonesia. Therefore, Google initiated a project they call "Android Go".

As Sameer Samat explained, Android Product Management VP, Go Android is a lightweight version of Android O that is devoted to operating on Android devices at affordable prices. And most, these devices are actually sold in developing countries.

"Android Go runs on devices with entry level specifications, and is also destined for users with network limitations and capabilities," Samat said while filling in the Google I / O 2018 keynote session at Shoreline Amphitheater, California, USA.

Interestingly, Android Go can even work on devices with memory below 1GB. However, given the device that runs with Android Go, all apps installed are 'lite' apps, or have little memory, take examples like YouTube Go, Facebook Lite and Twitter Lite.

In fact, the Chrome browser on Android Go has a Data Saver feature where it can still load many pages but does not consume data extravagantly.


Android Go feature that can be utilized is the ease of the user when getting an overview before streaming video. Fun again, users can even download the video when connected via Wi-Fi and can watch it offline.

Later, an affordable smartphone that will use Android Go will come with an economical Google Play Store edition. So, when first opening the Play Store, they will immediately served a row of efficient data applications that can be directly installed on the smartphone.

Unfortunately, Samat does not reveal when Android Go will go live. Could be, Android Go will slide along with the final version of Android O in the near future.

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