Apart from Microsoft, Former Lionhead Studios Joins PlayStation

Stuart Whyte
For gamers who do not know, Stuart Whyte is the Studio Director of Lionhead Studios who made the Fable series. Unfortunately the studio was closed by Microsoft on April 29, 2016.

Reporting from gamesindustry.biz, Stuart Whyte was recruited by the PlayStation to become director of the cultivation of VR products at London Studio.

According to Whyte, he is very happy to join the London team:

"I am very excited to join the London team to lead them further on the way to becoming the AAA world leader of the VR team. "
- Stuart Whyte, Director of VR Product Development.

London Studio is famous for its mainstream and experimental projects. Not only that, the studio is also the place where PlayStation makes PlayStation VR Worlds for PlayStation VR release.

Approximately what VR project will Whyte lead. Is it possible that the Fable series will continue using the VR after the cultivation of Fable Legends is stopped?

Whatever will be done by him, hopefully he enjoys the work and can make interesting works that can be enjoyed by gamers.

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