Artificial Intelligence Can Guess Music Genres More Accurate

Artificial Intelligence
The role of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) slowly began to receive a number of sectors, not least the music industry. Now artificial intelligence can accurately guess music genres. In fact, he can know the genre better than humans.

According to information quoted from Engadget, artificial intelligence detection of this musical genre was created by a group of scientists at Cambridge Consultants.

They have tested it through the method of listening to the piano game boom with several genres, such as baroque, classical, ragtime, and jazz.

Monty Barlow, chairman of Machine Learning Cambridge Consultant, said the Deep Learning system's configuration became the key to the music genre detection mechanism. This is what causes him to work more accurately than the human ear.

"Later on, this artificial intelligence algorithm can be developed to more complex stages, such as searching the music database or guessing the instruments used," said Barlow.

Not only for music, artificial intelligence that worked on Cambridge Consultant can also be applied in the health industry. For example, he may later be used to evaluate the patient's health condition by hearing the sensor waves.