Battlefront II Divulge New Appearance of Kylo Ren and Rey in The Last Jedi!

Battlefront II

Kylo Ren and Rey will have a new appearance in The Last Jedi later, which is "leaked" by GameStop page of Star Wars Battlefront II!

Star Wars Celebration which was held mid-April 2017 yesterday brought a lot of interesting news for Star Wars fans. In addition to The Last Jedi premiere trailer and also confirmation of the last season of Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Battlefront II is also no less attracted Star Wars fans around the world and also gamers as a whole.

Campaign single player that raised the story from the side of the Empire and also the dogfight in outer space into a special attraction in addition to multiplayer features that are the hallmark of this series.

But that is no less curious is the bonus pre order promised EA and DICE. They promise that if you do pre order, you can get one exclusive skin each for Kylo Ren and Rey taken from the latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi.

Well, you do not seem to have to wait too long to know what kind of skin is provided as a pre order bonus. Last night, Kylo Ren and Rey's appearance in the pre order bonus was inadvertently spread in cyberspace, precisely in the pages of Irish Gamestop. You can listen to it below.
Battlefront II
Yes, shown in the picture above, Kylo Ren has stripped off his mask, as well as Rey who (apparently) gets his Jedi costume!

Kylo Ren without wearing a mask is certainly in line with one part of the The Last Jedi trailer featuring the breakup of the iconic mask. In addition, Kylo Ren also seemed to strip off the cloak and hood she wore during The Force Awakens, replaced with a new robe that made her look like Jon Snow of the Game of Thrones.

How about Rey? For hairstyle looks no surprise because previously also been "leaked" through the box toy that is ready to be released to accompany the future of the movie. Her hair is similar to Qui-Gon Jinn, but her costume reminds us of Obi-Wan's combination of costumes with Rey's costume in my Jakku.

What is interesting is in the description of the ability of Rey. Having the ability to control the mind of the enemy is not a surprise, because we've seen it since The Force Awakens ago. But the ability in the modified version of the Millennium Falcon? It's an interesting thing. Is it possible that we will see a new version of Millennium Falcon in The Last Jedi later?

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled to be released globally from 17 November 2017. This release is only a month or so later from The Last Jedi airing which is scheduled to begin attending theaters on December 15, 2017. Interested to play?