Be Careful, Fly Drones Can Be Imprisoned Imprisoned

Be Careful, Fly Drones Can Be Imprisoned Imprisoned
The rise of technology companies that bring affordable drones and commercialization of drones to consumers, makes the regulators move to draft a number of policies related to aviation drones.

The purpose of this regulation is to determine how the drone is used by its users. For example, it is related to some areas that drones can cross.

Referring to Ubergizmo's report, those who flew drones in restricted areas could have been sentenced to imprisonment.

Some places that can not be used to fly drones for example at airports or government offices.
Recently, House and Senate (United States) also requested that places related to petroleum facilities, such as oil refineries should not be crossed by drones.

Parliamentarians requested that the facility be included in the list of areas that the drones could not cross.

Thus, anyone who flies a drone with a height under 400 feet above the mentioned buildings will be considered an offense.

The drone aviators also have the potential to stay in jail for up to 180 days.
Some important facilities that the non-jetliner can not cross are among others power plants, dams, and oil refineries. The United States Senate has ratified the bill.

Although not yet a legal rule, whoever flies the drones must be careful not to violate the rules that have been made. In Indonesia there is no strict rule that prohibits drone users to fly its drones on certain buildings.

Nevertheless, the above rules can be used as a reference to be careful when trying to fly the drone. What do you think?