Blamed for Leader of WannaCry, North Korea: That's Ridiculous

North Korea's representative envoy to the United Nations Kim In Ryong said it is ridiculous to connect the WannaCry type ransomware attacks that occur worldwide with the country.

Ransomware WannaCry is reported to have infected more than 300 thousand computers in 150 countries. WannaCry locks the data and files that are on the victim's computer, then requests ransom in the form of Bitcoin currency to the victim.

The WannaCry attacker gives a week to the victim if she wants the data back safely.

"Associated with cyber attacks, connecting them with North Korea is a silly thing," Kim said as quoted by Reuters.

Kim revealed this when confirmed whether North Korea is linked to WannaCry cyber attacks or cyber crimes against the UN. Kim argues, it is not appropriate to associate bad things with North Korea.

"When weird things happen, it's very unfair that the United States and other  anti-North Koreans associate and even accuse the perpetrators of our country," he said.

Earlier, leading cyber security firm Symantec and Kaspersky Lab called, technical guidance on the origin of WannaCry leads them to the group of hackers Lazarus. Researchers from various security companies have identified Lazarus groups as hackers operating in North Korea.

For information, an Italian spokesman at the UN sanctioned the North Korea's UN Security Council North Korea sanctions committee, saying a member of the committee that monitors sanctions violations has been the victim of a hacker attack. Unfortunately, it is not known more about hackers and who might be behind it.

The UN Security Council first sanctioned North Korea in 2006 and continues to oversee, mainly related to various nuclear tests in the Kim Jong-un country.