British Parliament Social Media Criticism on Extremist Content

Members of the Parliamentary Committee of Britain criticized social media because it was considered not to maximally remove illegal and extremist content. Social media is claimed not to take precautions when the first time such content appears in their service.

Reported by Reuters, social media platform moderation policies such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, were criticized after cases such as violence, posted on their services. Plus, the content-the koten is not deleted immediately after they know it.

The parliamentary committee admits to repeatedly discovering banned extremist material, not yet deleted. Though a number of social media that has been getting reports on these content.

"The failure of social media companies to deal with illegal and dangerous online materials is a shame, repeatedly being asked to have a better system for removing illegal material such as terrorist recruitment or child abuse, and repeatedly failing to do so. , "Said Parliament Chairwomen Home Affairs Select Committee, Yvette Cooper.

The committee considered the government should strengthen the law regarding the material. Social media companies are also encouraged to publish detailed reports on their moderation.

In response to the report, the UK Government will first look at the early and effective steps of social media to develop the tools needed to tackle and eliminate terrorist propaganda.

"We have made it clear we will not tolerate the internet used as a place for terrorists to promote their vile views, or use social media platforms to get people in our community as weapons," said Amber Rudd, the Home Affairs Minister.

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