Comes with a Slide Screen, Is This The Appearance Of LG V30?

Comes with a Slide Screen, Is This The Appearance Of LG V30?
In recent years, LG released a line of V series smartphones. Compared to other lines, the V series is quite unique with the presence of a secondary screen on the main screen.

This time, LG is rumored to be releasing a third version of the LG V series that is touted as the LG V30.

As quoted from Ubergizmo, apparently the image is uploaded by Evan Blass via Twitter account @evleaks. Bass claims the image is an original concept LG V30 made by LG for LG V30.

Blass is known to often upload a variety of leaked products before the company released the official products mentioned to the market. He earned a good reputation in this case because some information from the device that he leaked tested the truth.

This time, Blass upload prototype LG V30 who himself did not know whether LG will continue to use this model or change it. 

Visible secondary screen LG V30 is located at the bottom of the main screen that can be shifted out (slide). In that section can also be filled keyboard or shortcuts for various applications that are often used the user. 

This secondary screen also allows the user to maximize the use of the main screen. This is suspected because the Options menu, Keyboard, and various other settings do not interfere with the display of the main screen.

Unfortunately, it is uncertain whether the South Korean company will bring the LG V30 as shown by Evan Blass. The company is expected to release the LG V30 in September 2017.

Previously, circulating information mentioning the LG V30 will slide with a Snapdragon 835 chipset made by Qualcomm. In addition there is also 6GB of RAM, as well as dual cameras on the front and back of the device.

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