Corporations Start Adopting Cloud Hybrid Technology

Corporations Start Adopting Cloud Hybrid Technology
Corporations in Indonesia are starting to think of strategies for business transformation toward digital. One way to adopt cloud computing-based technology.

The goal is none other, these companies must improve the dexterity of their business by increasing efficiency and accelerate innovation.

The CloudView 2016 survey by IDC found that respondents expect to increase their cloud spending by 44% over the next two years, and over 70% of heavy cloud users think in terms of hybrid cloud strategy.

Departing from there, Datacomm Diangraha through Datacomm Cloud Business (DCB) is trying to steal opportunities by introducing a hybrid cloud solution technology that can help enterprise-class customers migrate to the cloud.

Sutedjo Tjahjadi, Managing Director of Datacomm Cloud Business argued, the need for cloud technology for the industry is increasingly high in Indonesia.

"As is known, today is indeed the right technology expertise and innovation can help our customers to go beyond their traditional infrastructure," he said in Jakarta.

According to him, the cloud solution from DCB is assessed to include private managed cloud, cloud management to backup-as-a-service recovery by complying with government regulations pursuant to Government Regulation No. 82/2012 on Data Sovereignty Requirements.

"Currently DCB will expand its investment in local infrastructure in cloud computing," he said.

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