Deeply, WannaCry's Ransomware is Now Spread Across 150 Countries

WannaCry's ransomware terror has now spread across 150 countries around the world, including Indonesia. At least 200,000 computer users have become victims and this figure is reported to increase until last Sunday.

Citing a CNBC report, security experts believe that the deployment of WannaCry's ransomware that seeks to lock computers in organizations such as automobiles, hospitals, shops and schools in many countries is slowing down.

Europol Director Rob Wainwright said the cyber attacks are unique, because WannaCry's ransomware is used in conjunction with the worm's function, so the infection spreads automatically.

"The global reach of massive cyber attacks is unprecedented, with more than 200,000 casualties in 150 countries, many of them being business and large corporations," Wainwright said.

He also said the current threat of attack is predicted to increase. "The numbers will go up, I'm worried about the numbers that will increase when people work and turn on their computers," he said.

Wainwright also mentioned, European Union police agency Europol and various other agencies have not known who is behind this cyber attack.

"Usually it's a criminal organization and that's our first theory," Wainwright said.

According to him, this is indeed a ransom requested only in small quantities, ie US $ 300, but could have increased to US $ 600 if the victim does not provide ransom within three days.

"So far there have been some victims who made the payment, according to our tracking results, most people do not pay ransom, so not much money is received by this criminal organization," he said.