DJI Spark - Smart Little Drone with Hand Waved Control

DJI Spark - Smart Little Drone with Hand Waved Control
After DJI Mavic, DJI is now launching a small quad-copter drone with a palm-sized body called DJI Spark.

This one drone has 2-axis dreadlock stabilizer on its camera that can make it not rocking when recording HD video.

DJI Spark has a flying speed of 31 mph or about 49.88 km / h and can survive in the air for 16 minutes.

The flagship feature of this drone is the gesture-controlled flight mode that allows users to send drones up to take aerial photographs with simple hand movements.

When DJI Spark is turned on and held in front of its users this drone will use its camera in search of pilots.

The camera will take pictures of the user and then this drone will live and start flying. From here, we can control through body movement. Furthermore, when the palms are held and moved to the side then DJI Spark will follow the hands of its users.

When the palm is shaken then this drone will fly as high as ten feet and will make the user as its center object to be photographed or recorded.

Meanwhile, with two-hand motion gestures "picture frame" will make Spark take photos automatically.

Once done, the user can wiggle his hand in front of Spark, hold his hand, and automatically this dorne will fly down and land on the palm of the hand.

Later DJI Spark will be sold in mid-June 2017 at a price that reaches US $ 500.

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