Donald Trump Tests US Cybersecurity Policy

Donald Trump
President of the United States Donald Trump, signed an executive policy to support the cyber security of the US government. The policy was made to protect the state infrastructure from cyber attacks.

According to the information quoted by CNBC, the policy is also made as a top priority of Trump to protect government facilities from cyber attacks.

He hopes that this policy can further optimize the security system of government agencies from cyber crime, such as theft of top secret documents that often occur in recent years.

White House Security Adviser Tom Bosser said the policy is a continuation of the US government that has been declared since the administration of former US President Barack Obama.

"There has been a lot of progress made by the previous government. However, all that is not enough. Our efforts to protect the country's data must be maximized, "Bosser explained.

Later, the policy will improve the security system specifically for the protection of sensitive documents, particularly documents on energy networks and financial sectors.

He explains, the biggest risk when the document was stolen will pose a security threat that could subvert the economic infrastructure in the land of Uncle Sam.

"For that, we have also worked with some related parties in order to build a 'wall' that is more solid so that the system that protects everything can be guaranteed security," he concluded.

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