Dontnod Announce Medium Do Sequel Life is Strange

Life Is Strange
After a successful adventure game featuring a mixture of Twin Peak and Donnie Darko - Life Is Strange that get positive reviews and good sales, DONTNOD Entertainment announced it is working on a sequel to the game.

The developer team working on Life is Strange thanks for the success of selling 3 million of those games as well as the many support they received after the release.

Through this short video they are also revealed to be busy working on the new Life is Strange since the release of the physical version released in January 2016 yesterday, which means they have been working on this sequel for 1 more year, only they are not ready to provide any info such as gameplay, Or a temporary release date.

This sequel certainly will not be present at E3 this year by the Square Enix publisher, and will be shown once it is ready.

Life is Strange to the surprise of DONTNOD Entertainment for gamers, a game that was originally seen as a "Telltale clone" that eventually attracted a lot of gamers' attention to the unique mechanics they bring to Telltale formulas and interesting stories and characters.

In addition to this game, DONTNOD Entertainment is also working on an action-adventure game entitled Vampyr which also has not got their release date.