Due to WhatsApp, Facebook Fined $ 122.3 million

Facebook has just been fined € 110 million / US $ 122.3 million by the European Commission. This institution is the watchdog of market competition in the European Union.

By this commission, Facebook is considered to have provided misleading information related to the acquisition of WhatsApp worth US $ 22 billion in 2014.

Citing Business Insider, at the time, Facebook claimed that the company could not automatically integrate a Facebook user account with WhatsApp.

But two years later, exactly in August 2016, Facebook changed the privacy policy WhatsApp. In the new WhatsApp privacy policy, Facebook claims to have the right to connect WhatsApp user contacts with Facebook identities.

The Commission claims, Facebook staff already know about the possibility of his company to integrate Facebook and WhatsApp account, but did not mention it to the commission. They suspect, the reason is because companies
understand regulators like the European Commission would make a fuss about this issue.
The Commission actually does not like it if there is one company that controls the market, both in terms of marketshare and the number of users. Not just Facebook, the European Commission is reportedly also being investigated Google because of the dominance of the search engine.

The Commissioner of the European Commission, which handles Margrethe Vestager's competition policy, said the decision was taken to comply with all aspects of the European Commission's regulations, including providing actual information on the commission.