Echo Look, Virtual Assistant Can Become a 'Personal Stylist'

Echo Look
Amazon always have brilliant ideas that seem futuristic. Having previously showcased the capsule tour into space, Amazon is now released artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant who serves to give fashion tips to the user.

That said, Echo Look can function as a personal stylist. The device called Echo Look has a camera feature that uses voice commands to interact with the user. Echo Look sells for US $$ 199.

Reporting from The Next Web, Echo Look works by using voice commands. The trick, take a photo or video clothing that you wear then, then you post to social media.

You do not have to bother taking photos with a smartphone while looking in the mirror, because the photo will be taken through the camera Echo Look. This device will then analyze the style of dress from the worn outfit.

Echo Look is equipped with features that can blur the background image so that the device can focus on analyzing the clothing completely.

Echo Look will give you some sort of rating in the form of a percentage to determine which clothing is more appropriate for you based on the latest trends and outfits that you prefer.

Not only that, Amazon also released a service called Style Check which combines machine learning algorithm with advice or input from fashion experts.

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