Facebook and Google So Victims of Fraud, How Can?

Who would have thought Facebook and Google to be victims of pishing scams that make them lose up to US $ 100 million. As reported by Tech Times, a Lithuanian man indicted for proven to run a fake business by bringing the company's name from Facebook and Google.

The man named Evaldas Rimasauskas was convicted by the United States Department of Justice (US) for proving to be the mastermind of fraud by using fake Facebook business email and Google.

What does Rimasauskas do to trick Facebook and Google? Apparently in 2013 ago, Rimasauskas disguised as a person who works in an Asian-based computer manufacturer, Quanta Computer, who also partnered with Facebook and Google.

He then instructed employees and agents from Facebook and Google via email to transfer money to him as part of a business transaction of US $ 100 million. Instead of transferring to Quanta's bank account in Latvia and Cyprus, he actually transferred the money to his own account.

Actually, the court decision did not reveal two technology companies that were the victims of this fraud. However, a press release describes the company as a multinational technology company in the field of Internet headquartered in the US.

While the second company description is a multinational company that provides online social media services that are also based in the US. A source identifies both companies as Facebook and Google.

Facebook also admitted that it became a victim in the case of fraud. "Facebook has made a settlement related to the loss of funds and cooperate with law enforcement for investigation," Facebook said via email.

Similarly, Google is acknowledging that it is also a victim of phishing scams. The company acknowledged that Google had detected an irregularity and immediately reported it to the management team. "The company immediately notify the authorities," Google said.

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