Facebook Close Content Production Unit VR Story Studio

Oculus Story Studio
Facebook closed the virtual reality content production unit (VR) under the auspices of Oculus, Story Studio.

This is done as an effort to focus on supporting external content creators. Similarly, the company statement, as quoted by Reuters.

Oculus, said Jason Robin as VP Content on Facebook, will budget US $ 50 million to fund creator content creators directly outside the category of gaming. "Oculus is currently still committed to developing the ecosystem of creative content and VR movies," Rubin added.

In 2014 ago Facebook spend US $ 3 billion to acquire Oculus and retain employees. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he believes the medium that offers 360-degree panoramas using the headset will "be part of everyday life for billions of people."

Preached before, Facebook introduced a new social networking service for Oculus. The service called Spaces is a product that combines VR technology with social media, allowing Oculus users to connect with their Facebook accounts and gain experience using social media in different ways.

With Spaces, Facebook users no longer communicate with the use of chat applications. Users will be displayed in an avatar and communications will be made through voice, just like a normal conversation.

Through this app, there are four Facebook users who can connect in a group. Each user can chat, draw, watch 360 videos, make video calls, including selfie by wearing a user avatar.

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