Facebook Not Enable Safety Check During Jakarta Bombing?

Facebook seems somewhat less concerned about Indonesia when it comes to terrorism events. How not, several events bomb explosion in Jakarta, the world's largest social media artificial Mark Zuckerberg it never activate Safety Check feature. What about the bombing incident in Kampung Melayu?

When Thamrin bombed in January last year. Facebook does not enable the user safety monitor feature. At that time quite a lot of parties who ask it.

The bomb exploded at the Kampung Melayu terminal where a number of victims died. Facebok does not activate Safety Check feature. Whereas a few days ago, during a bomb explosion at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Facebook immediately activate its pride features.

But apparently a number of users around the Kampung Melayu area informed that they received the Safety Check feature notification when opening the Facebook application. As a result, they can tell their condition is safe to their family and colleagues.

To note Safety check is a feature of Facebook that makes users can report how the condition when a crisis or disaster occurs. They can instantly preach in good health under precarious conditions

This feature first came into existence in October 2014, and was then used only in natural disasters, but in November 2015 was first used in the tragedy of the attack in Paris, France.

Since then the Safety Check feature has always been activated shortly after an attack in some countries, such as Nigeria and Turkey. Prior to Manchester, this feature was last activated during a terrorism event in Westminster, London.

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