Facebook to Recruit 3,000 Staff to Monitor Content

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will hire three thousand people to monitor "flagged" content, including murder, violence, and other content.

He announced it on Wednesday (05/03/2017). Thousands of staff will join the operational team of the Facebook community, spread across the world.

The team currently employs 4,500 people. They will review millions of incoming reports each week and speed up the review process.

The massive recruitment decision, taken after over the past few weeks, there have been a number of impressions of people hurting themselves and others on Facebook live (live) and in the form of video footage.

"If we want to create a secure community, we have to respond quickly, we try to make it easier for the videos to be reported so they can take good steps quickly, including to respond quickly, when people need help or remove A content, "Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook, as quoted by Variety.

In addition to monitoring the content mentioned above, thousands of new Facebook staff will also help improve the ability to remove other illicit content, including hate speech and child exploitation.

At the same time, Facebook will continue to create a series of tools to simplify problem reports, as well as speed up review time in deciding content that violates Facebook policies. Facebook employees will also make it easier to contact law enforcement if there are users who need help.