Female Engineer on Facebook Natural Discrimination?

Engineer on Facebook
Facebook reportedly discriminated against female employees. Thus disclosed in a study published The Wall Street Journal, quoted from The Verge.

A number of female engineers working on Facebook reported experiencing gender biases associated with their coding results are rarely accepted compared with coding results from male engineers.

Certainly this finding raises the question because the company made by Mark Zuckerberg is working hard to show tolerance to diversity in the work environment. Moreover, Facebook has a vision to build an online ecosystem for users around the world.

Reportedly, the number of female employees on Facebook as much as 33 percent of the total employees. 17 percent of whom work in the technical field and 27 percent occupy the leader position. Facebook considers the study results to be erroneous and based on inaccurate data.

Separately, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg denied that Facebook discriminated against female engineers and their work. "We do an evaluation every six months, related to which employees will be promoted and why he was promoted," Sandberg said as quoted by CNBC.

He said Facebook promotes male and female employees equally, without favoritism. He also mentioned it was a response to allegations of former female employees who consider Facebook coding results of female engineers more often rejected than coding results from male engineers.

"The reason the coding result was rejected is not related to the gender of the engineer, but because of the level of engineer who wrote it," Sandberg said. He also mentioned that Facebook is very concerned about the issue of gender bias circulating in the public.

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