Flex 2 Explode, Fitbit: No Malfunctions

Flex 2

A woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (US) was previously reported injured because her Fitbit Flex 2 exploded. Dina Mitchell was finally rushed to the hospital because her wrist was on fire.

To ABC News as quoted by Wareable, Mitchell told how the device suddenly exploded without any sign. Now Mitchell is undergoing treatment to get rid of plastic material from his burn wound.

After being rushed to the hospital, Fitbit immediately investigate the case of Flex 2 explosion. The results of the investigation mentioned that Flex 2 did not experience malfunction or function errors, but the existence of "external factors" that triggered the explosion of the device.

"We are very grateful for Mitchell's report, and we took immediate action to find out about it.Based on our investigation, including Mitchell's Flex 2 testing, we were able to convey the device is not malfunctioning.Results indicate that an external push is causing device malfunction , "Fitbit's official statement said.

Fitbit tries to convince consumers that all Fitbit products are safe to use. The reason, it until now also has not received any reports or complaints related to this case.

For the company itself, this is the first time they have received a Fitbit Flex 2 report exploding.

"Consumer safety is our top priority, and Fitbit products are designed and manufactured according to stringent standards, as well as undergoing internal and external testing to ensure the safety of our users," said Fitbit.

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