Ford Add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its Car

Ford Add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its Car
The Ford automaker said it would release over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

This update adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to a 2014 vehicle that features Sync 3 for the first time through software updates. So quoted by Reuters.

After Tesla took the lead in 2015 by introducing OTA, traditional automotive companies are slowly embracing this new technology, with some restrictions. The issue of security and resistance from dealers who are worried about losing revenue from services has hindered the adoption of OTAs.

So far the established automotive companies have not implemented OTA for safety systems, only limited to noncritical systems such as entertainment. As for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is the operating system from Google and Apple that allows drivers connect their smartphone to the dashboard of the vehicle.


Ford's first OTA usage took about two months after the company said it will employ 400 engineers to work on the connectivity sector. Most of the engineers were taken from Blackberry Ltd's closed-cell phone business unit.

In addition to being more convenient for customers, OTA can bring cost savings for automobiles, as most repair warranty and withdrawal issues can be made through OTA. Users can also get updates in the traditional way of visiting the nearest dealer or using a USB drive. 

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