Gadgets Content Technology in 5 Minutes Ready to Glide 2018

Gadget charging technology increasingly innovative. Samsung, for example, South Korean vendors that have adopted Fast Charging technology on two newest smartphone, Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Charging both smartphones claimed can only be done within 97 minutes.

And next year, charging technology will be shorter. The reason, an Israeli startup, StoreDot, is developing gadget charging technology within 5 minutes.

This technology will be 'sold' to smartphone vendors who are interested to adopt it. Later, StoreDot will create a special battery called "FlashBattery", which will be designed according to the smartphone design required by the vendor.

According to information reported by Ubergizmo, it took two years for StoreDot to be able to develop a super fast gadget charging method.

Delivered by the CEO of StoreDot, Doron Myersdorf, the technology optimization will be completed in 2018, a number of smartphone vendors are even interested to use it on the smartphone flagship range. Unfortunately, he was reluctant to reveal anyone who will adopt this technology.

Related to the battery made by StoreDot, Myersdorf said the battery made have material that can transfer ion reaction from anode to cathode in a fast time.

"This battery consists of nanomaterials, which contain small structures and organic components," he explains.

StoreDot itself has received four rounds of funding with a total value of up to US $ 66 million. They even had time to demonstrate FlashBattery technology on CES 2015. The difference, charging time that was demonstrated at that time ranged from 30 seconds.

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