Gmail Now Can't Reply Messages Automatically

Replying to messages in email, especially Gmail in fact requires a pretty high effort. To compose a sentence in a message, the user needs enough energy and time to drain.

Realizing this, Google has finally created a feature called "Smart Reply". Similar to the Smart Reply feature in Allo, this feature helps Gmail users to reply to messages automatically, even in accordance with the user's habits.

The way it works is similar to Allo. So, the user will be given three alternative options sentence message that would be used to reply. Just choose one of them, the user can reply to the message of others without having to type a single word.

"We released the first Smart Reply for Allo. And now, Smart Reply will be more widely used, especially in Gmail for Android and iOS, "said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in Google's opening keynotes session I / O 2017 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, United States US.

Just for information, Smart Reply is one of the Google-based technology Learning Machine that is claimed to facilitate user activity, especially those coming from modern society. Especially for users who often have to reply to messages with the phrase "Thanks / thank you", "ok", and the like, this feature is useful.

Smart Reply feature will be present exclusively for Android and iOS Gmail users in the United States. In a few weeks time, the feature will be present in Spain and some other countries.

Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning is a common thread in Google I / O 2017. In fact, this technology giant plans to make the adoption of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning more massive again in the future.

Google I / O 2017 is visited by more than 7,000 developers and 400 media from different parts of the world. To continue to update what will be revealed by Google in I / O 2017.

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