God! Iris Galaxy S8 Scanner Can be burglarized

God! Iris Galaxy S8 Scanner Can be burglarized
One of the security features that highlighted Samsung Galaxy S8 is the presence of iris scanners. But a group of hackers claimed to have managed to break it.

The iris scanner itself has a working principle similar to the fingerprint scanner, which the sensor will recognize the iris of a user who has previously been registered. Like a fingerprint, each person has an iris with their own unique identification.

But the uniqueness of biometrics that can be practically a level above the fingerprint is in fact not guaranteed not to be broken. Because a group of hackers who on behalf of himself with the name Chaos Computer Club (CCC) claims to have successfully mebobol fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8.

The trick was fairly simple, they just do it by printing high-resolution images of the eyes of users who have registered using the printer machine. Then on top of the print is placed contact lenses, which then makes it look like a real eye.

And voila! The Galaxy S8's iris scanner also recognizes it as the real eye and unlocks the screen.

"The high resolution images of the internet are enough to catch the iris," said Dirk Engling, a spokesman for CCC, as quoted from the VR-Zone.

Ironically again, the hacking group also said that the best result to 'trick' the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 is actually done by Samsung's own homemade printer machine.

"We get the best results with Samsung laser printers," he added.

Getting this information, Samsung acted quickly. In a statement, the South Korean producer said that the sliced scanner on the Galaxy S8 has passed a rigorous test. However, if the vulnerability is found, the immediate action will be taken immediately.

"If there is a potential vulnerability or new method that challenges our efforts to ensure security at all times, we will respond as soon as possible to resolve the issue," said Samsung.  

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