Google Launches Venture Capital Program for Artificial Intelligence

Google Launches Venture Capital Program for Artificial Intelligence
Google has launched a new venture capital program that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), according to Axios report, as quoted by Techcrunch.

Google declined to comment on the report. The report states that the initiative will be led by Google's VP Engineering Anna Patterson and engages engineers in addition to venture investors working for Alphabet Inc.'s GV unit.

It is not surprising that Google will create investment practices related to artificial intelligence, especially given the announcement of Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently that Google became "AI first" rather than "mobile first".

Indeed, artificial intelligence is a topic that surfaced during the recent Google I / O developer conference, where it introduced a new tensor processing unit chip (TPU) that promises to more quickly train and run AI models for researchers and businesses.

The company also announced that Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant company available on devices like Google Home and Pixel phones, will soon raise more conversations.

Also potentially playing in this new development is Google's recent acquisition of Kaggle, a platform that hosts science data competitions and machine learning.

According to Axios, Patterson and the company are reported to be working with GV. The size of the financing ranges from US $ 1 million and US $ 10 million to start, although it is unclear how much of Google's commitment to this artificial intelligence venture program.