Google Photos Arrival Various New Features

Google Photos

Google has just announced the presence of some brand-new features embedded in Google Photos when Google I / O 2017. Applications that have been used by 500 million people per month is now the arrival of features similar to social media.

One of them is the Suggested Sharing feature. Quoted from Tech Crunch, this feature is similar to Facebook Moments application function. So Google Photos will recognize the face of the uploaded photo and match it to Google Contacts.

Afterwards, this app will suggest sharing the photo with others based on a face match. Users can enable this feature automatically. For users who do not have an app, Google Photos will send notifications via SMS.

Users can also view all sharing activities with others, including a list of contacts suggested by Google Photos. The plan, this feature will start rolling out for Android, iOS, and the web in the next few weeks.

Another feature that also introduced by Google is Shared Libraries. Through this feature, users can choose to share photos with the closest people automatically. Other users who are shared can also save the photo automatically.

Then the last feature introduced in Google Photos is Photo Books. With this feature, Google Photos can identify the best photos of users and offer them for physical printing in the form of photo books.

Later, users will also be offered a number of options for the size of printing the photo album. Google Photos will select the best 40 of all photos the user has.

Google Photos is also likely to get support from Google Lens. This tool is Google's latest technology equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently detect objects.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Google Lens created an algorithm that allows the camera Android device not only aim at what is seen, but also capture the moment what is targeted. Google Lens will also be assisted by Google Assistant.

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