Google Says Uber Steal Otonomos Technology Hers

Alphabet's (Google) subsidiary in autonomous technology, Waymo, accused Uber of stealing the technology.

The accusation was directed by Waymo who considers Uber and a former Google employee, working together to steal autonomos car technology developed by Waymo.

The startup of the autonomous truck acquired by Uber, called part of a ruse made by Uber and former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski who now works at Uber.

In fact, Levandowski and Uber had already pre-negotiated for Uber to acquire the startup. This was disclosed by Waymo's lawyer in court, recently.

"We know that Uber and Levandowski cover up what they do, they make up stories for the public," said Waymo's attorney Charles Verhoeven.

Google found the fact that Levandowski received US $ 250 million in stock, a day after withdrawing from Google. That's exactly a month before the startup Otto pioneered, acquired Uber.

Waymo believes in 2015, Levandowski downloads more than 14,000 files (with a capacity of about 9.7GB), contains information technology otonomos developed by the company. Later, Levandowski allegedly transferred the file to his laptop and an external hard disk.

The file consists of various plans for Waymo applied to Levandowski's new company, Otto. Otto was later acquired by Uber, six months later.

Allegedly, Waymo's expression of this Uber action is an attempt by Alphabet to stop the autonomous technology research developed by Uber.

On the other hand, the judge insisted and asked Uber on this matter. "Perhaps the worst thing they do is pay huge amounts of money to hire employees from their competitors," the judge said.

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