Google Still Mute Fuchsia OS Problem

Google Still Mute Fuchsia OS Problem
Previously Google is rumored to be developing the latest operating system is touted would replace Android. System named Fuchsia is even ready to be applied to the next generation smartphone.

Responding to the news, VP of Engineering Android, Dave Burke said, Fuchsia is an initial project experimental project from Google. Therefore, it can not be ascertained as to what the continuation of the development of this operating system.

"Just like many early-stage Google projects, Fuschia may still be changing," he said. But he ensures Fuschia is a separate project from Android.

For information, the issue of Fuschia emerged after the emergence of leaked images of the operating system some time ago.

Given the outstanding picture, the Fuchsia home screen is somewhat similar to Android. There is an empty space on the home screen, which may be used for widgets, like in Android.

Other images also show the tabbed interface of the operating system. In tablet mode, Fuchsia also allows four apps to run at once.

Fuchsia removes the traditional Linux code that is at the heart of Android. Instead of Linux, Fuchsia is said to be wearing something new that is "Magenta".